Saturday, November 1, 2008

i should definintely update this more often....haha

I'm already done with half of the semester!!! It's so crazy how fast time has been going! I'm so busy right now....i plan on working my butt off this week so i can have time on the weekend to play though (rachel time much? mmm....i'm excited.) My halloween was rather....non-traditional...haha. Our ward party was on monday so i threw together a sarah palin outfit for that (i have a couple pictures but i don't look like her at all in the looked better in real life) it was really fun. there were some hilarious costumes there. But yesterday, on actual halloween, a lot of people didn't want to get dressed up so we just ended up driving to shelley to go to Erica's, one of my roomies, house. we played and watched a scary movie and played some was actually pretty fun even though i totally forgot it was halloween until we got home and saw a ton of people in costumes...haha.

this is zane on has nothing to do with anything...i just think he looks realllly good in this picture....bahahaa. hopefully he never sees this....awkward! ha. and yes, he is wearing my hoodie. zane did in fact NOT go to centennial.

this was the group that went to shelley...the boy girl ratio isn't always that off...

zane, me, mac, and liz. mac and zane mauled my face at the last second...haha. they're hilarious.

Then today we went to our friend jason's football game (we actually go every week) and made was a blast and a half but they lost...big time. haha.

Mikelle, sarah, me, liz, erica (shalynn went home this weekend) and zane on the end...haha

go hawks! woot woot! we yell A LOT at the's fun! i like it. he is the QB so we're always like, "look at the butt on that quarterback!" haha (mikelle is dating him...FYI)
liz and i's football season is over :( i miss it. it was soooo much fun! and i'm a lot better at football now! ahhaha. luckily basketball lasts the whole semester so i'm excited about that!

we still have nice weather! yay!!!!

so pretty much since we are halfway through the semester i have to register for my classes. problem. i still don't know what i am doing with my life. why can't someone just tell me what to do? haha. just kidding....i'm glad that i can choose anything i is a good opportunity, i just don't know what i want! gay! so right now...i am a declared art major and history minor. the art part scares the crap out of me because i'm a bit UNDERqualified. so some of the other possibilities are:

communications major with an emphasis in friend stacey is doing that and loves would put me more into graphic design kind of stuff....could be fun but i have absolutely no experience in it which could cause troubles...

elementary education-my friend sharla (who is soooo funny and one of my favorites up here) is trying to talk me into this one... i honestly think i would like this i'm just so not good at...talking. which is sort of necessary.

history major...i could even have an emphasis in art history...but...i don't know.

political science? maybe....bleh.

home and family...i LOVE that kind of stuff but i soooo don't want to be all like "i'm going to college so i can be a mom." not cool.

university studies. not an option. i don't know why i even wrote that...typed that.

or i could keep my art major. so...any input would be awesome...ideas, opinions....anything.'s pretty frustrating. BUT i'm loving life despite that weighing on my mind all the time. i applied to be an efy counselor today...we'll see.

my roommates continue to be tons o' fun. i'm glad that i have them! i hang out with the girls two apartments down from me too...they are a hoot! i get along with them really well so i ALWAYS have someone to play with when i don't want to do my homework! haha.

uhhhh....i'm sure other stuff has happened i just can't think of it right now! i do miss home a lot....i want to come home at least for a weekend. i wish thanksgiving would come faster but that means my sister's wedding will come faster!! crazy!! anyways, i love you all and i miss you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's getting colder.....uh oh

Fact. It's supposed to snow this weekend.
Fact. I'm so NOT ready for winter. haha.

Anyway, this monday was my birthday and it was a blast and a half! Honestly, before coming...I was kind of being a bum like, meh, my birthday is going to blow because I won't even have friends yet...blah blah blah. But, it sooo wasn't like that. I actually got presents too! :) haha. I got two coloring books (i do a lot of coloring these days), Kanye West glasses (kind of an inside joke with my roomie sarah, or anyone who has seen mitchell davis), candy, food, a princess crown, a basket of cookie ingredients from Liz's grandma and...oh yeah, haha, tennis shoes from my mommy and daddy. yay! We went to Idaho Falls to go shopping and out to dinner...then we went to the sand dunes so i could have the "star party" i have to have for my science class. So, we got there and it was cold and the sand was all wet from rain (on friday when i went with Liz, Kelsey, Mac and Zane, the sand was perfect and we could jump off the cliffs of sand and it's wayyyyy funnnnn. haha) Anyway, pretty much Sarah and I were the only ones who did have some kind of boy to be all snuggly with so we were like whatever! and went treking through the desert/sand dunes. It was awesome. There is one really huge hill that we decided to climb up and then we rolled down it...hahahha it was so ridiculous. i thought i was going to die a couple times and i had sand EVERYWHERE like, worse than the beach because you have more clothes on. ha. The best part though was when Sarah and I would get to the top of the sand dune we would sit there and sing songs as loud as we possibly could...and we can get pretty loud! If you know anything about me, you know i love to scream...sarah does too so it works out. At one point we even screamed the Barney song, popcorn popping, and 99 bottles of beer on the wall. hahahha we are so funny. It was really fun though. I had soooo many people call me and text me and leave me messages on my birthday! I'm so grateful for all of the amazing friends and family that i have!

I had a birthday cake that liz made me...but no one had a lighter so i had to pretend to blow out the candles! it was actually rather funny....and i don't have a single picture from my bday because the sand dunes killed my camera... :/ don't tell my dad. oops.

Conference was so flippin good! I thoroughly enjoyed it this year and i look forward to the ensign. :)

uhhh....i'm trying to think of what else has been going on...liz gets ALL the boys. seriously, there is no hope of me ever going on another date when she's around (david doesn't count because he hasn't met liz yet. hahhaa) Don't get me wrong, i am so unbelievably happy that liz is my roommate. she is so much fun and i love her. oh! and liz and i are playing flag football and basketball with our ward's fun! i love it.
Aren't we cute?
I suppose that's all for now...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a VERY small mormon world that I live in...

ok ok pretty much tons of stuff happens all the time here and school and busy and crazy...that didn't make any sense but i think you get the idea...anyway, we went to my ward (BYU-I 18th woot woot!) on sunday and it was awesome. I have a really big, and pretty cool i went to a random sunday school class with the girls in my apartment and we picked the right one because a TON of pretty, pretty good looking guys came in...haha. Of course they did the whole "introduce yourself" stuff and after i said that i'm from vegas (yes, i'm actually claiming vegas even though i was only there two years...feel loved.) a guy who was sitting in front of me turned around and was like, "where do you live in las vegas?" so i told him jones and 215 but said that i was in the Lone Mountain and Tule Springs stakes and he said he served in both of them! so i got all excited and asked him if he served in the cheyenne ridge ward....he said yes...and then he asked me if i knew the NEWCOMBS!! ok, so, by this point i was totally flipping out because i pretty much already new what was coming. This random guy in my ward, was Christian Wood's companion when he served in our ward. If you don't know who that is, he is the missionary who came back to marry rachel newcomb AND my family new him from before he even served his mission because he lived in our stake in kentucky! what are the chances? it's so weird! that guy also ended up being in my world history class...random. oh yeah, there's another one! it isn't quite as crazy but i have met a lot of people from georgia who go here and there is a girl on my floor who lived there...i recognized the name of where it was but i don't even want to attempt the spelling...i asked her if she'd ever been to douglasville and told her that's where i'm from and she asked me if i knew ADAM DOAN! anyone who is isn't in my family doesn't know who that is but i went to primary with that kid! i went to his house tons of times growing up because they were in our ward's just weird. so... i guess that's what happens when you live in lots of places, eh? Classes are good...i actually really do like them a lot...i'm still getting used to the fact that we can refer to nephi killing laban in my book of mormon AND science class though...hahaha it's great. FHE was terrible! we only have one guy! huuuuuuu....i actually have really cute girls in my apartment too. so when we found out that our FHE family is just our apartment and one other guy (that happened because even though he has like 3 other guys he lives with they are either engaged or have a graveyard shift...awesome.) who happens to look waaayy over 30...we decided to go home and watch a movie as an apartment for girl bonding may sound mean but they were playing kickball and probably didn't even notice we left. oops. it was fun though. uhhh...what else? oh, turns out i ended up taking another beginning sewing class (my third time...) because i was brain dead when i signed up for classes but i talked to the teacher and she said i can do things a little differently than everyone else since i already know what i'm doing so that was good....
I almost forgot the most important part! i got a calling. Relief Society 2nd counselor. i have NO idea what i'm doing....ha. i also had to call two other girls to do the fact that i don't know anyone yet helped a lot. haha.
it's really pretty here...after living in vegas i forgot how much i love grass...the weather is so perfect and there's pretty trees and flowers...i'm outside as much as i can be....i love it.
this is super long....well i love and miss you all!

P.S. I wrote an essay about Gerald in my writing class the other day....bahahahahaha
P.P.S. i'll put up pictures of my apartment girls when i get some! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


ok so today....was my first day in rexyburg...well my mom and sister are still here so i'm not officially on my own but I'm in my apartment right now and i feel soooo weird. haha it kind of seems like efy or something but there isn't anyone to tell you what to do every second of the day. anyway, we got here and i was TOTALLY nervous like as soon as we got to the rexburg exit i was pretty much just screaming a lot...which i guess isn't too far from the norm but we got to my apartment and no one was here but there was stuff on every bed but one so obviously it was mine but the other girl in my room had the cutest stuff honestly looked like i had decorated it. for reals. there's daisy and polka dots and so then i got kind of excited because i was like oh good, maybe she's cool...and then i noticed that she had a basketball and i got sooo excited because that means we will get along and that way i have someone else to play with which is AWESOME!! so we started carrying in my stuff and my roommate showed up and she is way cute and we have a ton of stuff in common and she is a freshman too so neither one of us knows what the crap we're's awesome. so pretty much i'm really excited. i still have a lot to do as far as getting my school crap done and ready but that's fine. it is kind of funny though because i really didn't bring anything to decorate with because i didn't know what to expect but i just have random stuff that looks like it's from DI (because it pretty much is) so her side of the room is absolutely perfect and cute and mine looks like i live in a thrift store that likes polka dots....hahaha. good stuff. i haven't really met the other girls in the apartment yet...we'll see how that goes...i also haven't seen marie ireland or garrett hair yet...ha. i guess i can't marry him if i never hang out with him right? so maybe we should keep it that way...just kidding! anyway....i'm really glad my sister is here though because she knows where i have to go for everything. i'm ready for school to start so i'll have something to do.... :) i love you all!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fine.....I'll blog.

haha.....ok so, i definetly already suck at the blogging thing...but that's because it's so time consuming...ok it's not that bad but still....meh, i'll do better when i have more to talk about right? :)

Anyway, on wednesday Rachel and I went on a baby road trip ( i say baby because it was only a day long....there's only so much a couple of teenagers can do these days...) so at first we were going to go to the Primm outlets until we remembered i'm only 18=i can't get a hotel room and oh yeah, both of us are BROKE. So, in order to use our gas cards we got from giving blood for something cooler than driving to the park...we decided to go to st. george! yay! Neither one of us have ever been to St. george (except me, in passing, with my mom, whitney and the babies) so we looked up places we wanted to go on the internet and then...left. It was waaay random but we had a lot of fun. We ate lunch at iceberg because rachel has no idea about anything in Utah. That took up a couple hours of our time because we were laughing so hard at everything that happened. For example, one of the kids working at the cash register was obviously a drama kid...seriously, quite the thespian. He was chatting away with us, singing songs on the radio, dancing....all kinds of things and he definetly wasn't trying to be funny at all but i was dying. it was great.

This is a picture of me by a picture of my favorite show...."do you poop out at parties?" ha.

Then we went to the temple but it was HOT outside so we didn't last long....we did take some pictures by the door know the whole "i'm going there someday" kinda thing.

My favorite part of the whole day was this book store we was sooo cool. it had all kinds of old one of the first Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice ever published. it was awesome. we were there for a long time because there was so much to look they had a ton of really old Nancy Drew books which i used to read all the time so i bought one. good stuff.

After that we went to the Tabernacle which was awesome. It had a lot of history in it and the whole time i just wished i had a better word to describe it than just "cool" because that doesn't seem to cover it. We sat in the bench at the podium where all of the prophets besides Joseph Smith have talked! it was crazy.

Then we just ran around for a little while taking pictures (many of which are really ridiculous...hhaha)

Peace pole?

There were plenty of statues but they were blazing hot so it hindered what we could do in our pictures.....ha.

This is Brigham Young's winter home...on our tour there was a non-member couple who were actually pretty interested in the church which made it a little more spiritual...

and we saw this phone booth....hahahha
we had a blast going into a ton of little antique shops and going to a dollar movie theater too! ( Why don't we have one of those in vegas? it's the best thing to ever happen to the movie industry...that's what i decided, long ago.)

Please look at the child in the background....haha. it's the best part.

So, thank you rachel for being an awesome friend and going with me! I'm glad we can be weird together and get along so well. :) and thank you mom for not freaking out that i was driving for two hours and letting me go! It was so much fun and a good last harrah before i go to college. with no car. :( and sorry if i complain about that too much. hahaha

P.S. I just found out that my roommates were all changed. which made me feel better because i was a little scared of the other ones....i'm not looking the new girls'll just be a surprise!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


woot woot! so...this is my blog that i'm making so people won't freak out as much about me moving and going to college and such...i promise i'm not going to drop off the face of the earth just because i'm going to idaho. :) pretty much i'm not really sure how it works to make it look cool but i guess i'll figure it out. haha. i really don't have anything to write about yet because...well i'm still in vegas but i'm having an awesome summer! I've been having a blast just hanging out with my hilarious friends! i have another blog's my blog on my family website which is it's a pretty hilarious website so even though it is under construction you should check it out...meh, my fam's pretty cool. yeah, so i don't know if i'm just going to keep the two seperate or what what...i might get lazy and copy and paste the same blogs. hahahha we'll see.
A couple of weeks ago Rachel and I decided that we wanted to make a we did. Because we love The Office we decided we wanted to quote dwight schrute on it you can see, there was a spelling issue. *cough* rachel's fault *cough* Anyway, the funniest part is that we NEVER noticed. I didn't see it until waaayyyy later when i was uploading all of the pictures to my computer. it's ridiculous. when we were showing my family we were all like, "do you like the funny office quote?" and no one really seemed to get it at the time...i guess now i know why...hahahha
it was supposed to be a yellow cake but with a little blue and green food coloring....

it was a fun time....we're crazy ladies. haha.

Have a lovely July!