Sunday, July 13, 2008


woot woot! so...this is my blog that i'm making so people won't freak out as much about me moving and going to college and such...i promise i'm not going to drop off the face of the earth just because i'm going to idaho. :) pretty much i'm not really sure how it works to make it look cool but i guess i'll figure it out. haha. i really don't have anything to write about yet because...well i'm still in vegas but i'm having an awesome summer! I've been having a blast just hanging out with my hilarious friends! i have another blog's my blog on my family website which is it's a pretty hilarious website so even though it is under construction you should check it out...meh, my fam's pretty cool. yeah, so i don't know if i'm just going to keep the two seperate or what what...i might get lazy and copy and paste the same blogs. hahahha we'll see.
A couple of weeks ago Rachel and I decided that we wanted to make a we did. Because we love The Office we decided we wanted to quote dwight schrute on it you can see, there was a spelling issue. *cough* rachel's fault *cough* Anyway, the funniest part is that we NEVER noticed. I didn't see it until waaayyyy later when i was uploading all of the pictures to my computer. it's ridiculous. when we were showing my family we were all like, "do you like the funny office quote?" and no one really seemed to get it at the time...i guess now i know why...hahahha
it was supposed to be a yellow cake but with a little blue and green food coloring....

it was a fun time....we're crazy ladies. haha.

Have a lovely July!