Thursday, August 30, 2012


i'm back from my mission.
is that weird?

anyway, here i am.
i am sure that i will tell alllll about my mission bit by bit...
but essentially i had the time of my life.
i loved it. A LOT.

basically everytime i try to truly describe how i feel about my mission...all i can do is cry.
it's pathetic.
but i just can't find the words!
it has meant the world to me to serve the Lord
it made me so happy
even more than usual :)

i loved everything about it.
for a year and a half i got to dedicate every living moment to my Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ
i served Him by serving His children....
and helping them find salvation
it amazes me that He lets us do something SO important.
i've been humbled and i feel so grateful.

and man am i going to miss it!! i already do.

let me also say, that i know my mission was a lot bigger than just those 18 months. it is only the beginning of a lot more. and the mission helps to prepare me for that "more" that will come in my life. the experiences i had will continue to influence my decisions.
not to mention, there is more to come in the lives of the people that i worked with, taught and helped.

and, this isn't the end to my service to the Lord. i still have everyday for the rest of my life for that :)

but i thought i would give a small summary of what i learned....
like, really small.

1. the Atonement is real.
2. God loves His children.
3. i can't live without the priesthood in my life
4. planning is essential
5. obedience. obedience. obedience.

part of me feels silly putting the millions of things i learned into just a few bullet points....but that really about sums it up.
and words can do it justice.

what i'm trying to say is,

i loved my mission
i love the Lord
the Church is true

and life is good.