Friday, February 25, 2011

happy birthday george

today is george harrison's birthday.
if you ask me, that's something to celebrate. memory of the most underrated Beatle.
here is a little playlist.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Roommates of 208,

I'm really sorry this never happened.

I hope these make it better.
Also, I miss you.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh wait.

did i forget to mention the terrible part of my trip to rexburg?
(i really do try to focus on the positive)

i will tell you.

after the photo shoot on monday, kelle and jason dropped me off at the airport.
i said goodbye and went inside...not an unfamiliar feeling...
i've been there many times.
so i get up to the ticket counter and give the girl my id and itinerary and soul
and she says, "your flight is booked for march 14th"
not february 14th. crap.
totally my fault.
then she says, "here call this number" so i do...
and i hold...and hold...and hold....for a long time.
finally i talk to someone on the phone. it will be $70.
sure, whatever, just get me home right?
not so.
the girl at the ticket counter had to "clear me" on some list...
and apparently the computer wouldn't let her.
keep in mind there are only two gates in the idaho falls airport and rarely are they both operating at once and my flight had not left yet.
so both the girl on the phone and the one at the ticket counter say, "sorry"
and send me on my way, what?
that's real life.

so my lovely awesome roomie kelle came back for me...and i stayed another night in rexburg.
feeling a bit miserable.
i watched the guardian with kelle and jason while i figured out how to get home. saddest movie ever.
not my best valentine's night. lame.

the consensus was that i would take the salt lake express shuttle down to utah and my parents would drive up and get me.
(yes, i have the best parents ever and i'm very spoiled)


so maybe...this doesn't sound all that terrible as you read it.
but i was really hating this turn of events.
there was good that came of it :)
quite a bit actually.

first of all, i felt terrible as i called my two jobs to tell them i wouldn't be there the next day. but...when i called dsw a wonderful tender mercy by the name of Delores answered the phone and said,
     "oh casey? my little teacher casey? oh how are you mija?! i think about you sometimes and i just think you have the prettiest smile!"

thank you delores :) that compliment is happily accepted. (she calls me her "little" teacher even though i'm probably eight inches taller than her. haha)

next, the salt lake express.

for one, the salt lake express is actually very entertaining. interesting people on that little bus...haha i was loving it.
way too much.
the guy next to me had on hunting pants and ate beef jerky and sunflower seeds the whole time.
<---this guy had a cane with a
dragon head on it.
hunter boy was replaced by a girl with a huge pink bow tied around her neck like she was a present.

i was wearing sweats and a christmas cosby. (i fit the crowd of weirdos with beardos)
and there was an lds guy from england who was meeting his "mate" (or mission companion) at the salt lake temple.
and they were all very nice.


then i had 45 whole minutes totally alone with just my camera on temple square

needless to say...that was heaven and i took a ton of pictures.
i was wishing so bad that i could go inside...
but that's for another day :)

and finally, i got to ride back and spend time with my parents.
they are funny
good times :)

so...the moral of this very long story is...well, you can figure it out.

i've already said too much.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

remember that time when i love my life?

i do.
this weekend i went to rexburg for a visit and it was glorious!
my roommates all came it was a party.
the perfect last fiesta before the mish.

first- i got picked up by this beautiful face! boy was i glad :)

then- i watched my favorite basketball team at byui. go ditka!
after that it was just a blur of sheer joy and excitement.
there was a lot of screaming.
mainly because i LOVE these girls

[almost] all of the girls i've ever lived with
were there this weekend.
liz. kelle. sarah. shay. julliette. 
lauren. susan. lindsay.
how many times can i say i love my life before it gets annoying?
these girls mean so much to me!! all of my fun and amazing experiences i've had in idaho, i owe to them. they are the best.
and so beautiful.

saturday- i got to watch one of my bestest bestest most favorite friends get engaged

kelle had to shoot balloons with a pistol before she could get her ring.
idaho much?

big jud's. classic.

i laughed pretty ridiculously hard basically the whole time.
we reminisced like there's no tomorrow :)
ok we'll do that-nakey ross-the bachelor-juliojuliojulio-alarm clock wars-pink towel-marty
the jokes never get old

not only did i get to see these girls all weekend but i have other friends too! :)
there were so many tender mercies...i randomly would run into people i wanted to see.
pretty amazing.

some other happy times were:

  • time with sasquatch and taylor. those were sad goodbyes...but i love them! i'm gunna miss my las vegan friends. but luckily they are the ones i know i'll see in two years! good luck in russia zachsquatch :)
  • laughing with liz for so long i can't breathe and tears are streaming only to realize that i have no clue what i'm laughing about
  • getting stuck in the snow
  • slumber party time
  • traditional post slumber party waffle time
  • basketball with liz and quinn. totally loved it. liz wins all basketball games. oh you fancy huh?
  • marshmallow fight with sarah
  • taking engagements of the happy new couple
  • crepe party
  • a visit to the spori :)

so...thank you sarah, liz, kelle, jason, lauren, julliette, scott, quinn, susan, lindsay, zach, taylor and everyone else i played with for one of the best weekends ever!! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we party

on monday, i threw my annual Valentine's Day party!
it is the best holiday.


except since i'm not in rexburg...this time it was just for my wonderful family. 
i love them

we ate lots of yummy food and treats with hearts on them, made valentine's for each other, played a fun game and had a blast!

Our bags full of love notes!

Caden and Jaxen made amazing valentine's with puff balls and googly eyes :)

unfortunately, my littlest nephew was sick and my dad had to we missed them and my sis-in-law whitney

but caden did say, "i like casey's valemtime's party"
so that was all i needed :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

there's nothing better

than a totally ridiculous 80's music video.
tears for fears style.