Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eye dee hoe

these boys came to visit me this weekend :)

don't they just look so excited?

i love them was the best thing ever. sometimes i have a hard time with two different lives colliding...but not this time. it was super fun! we had a flour war, sang to billy and michael, ate things, played frisbee, had a bonfire and delicious hot shmoes, went to church, talked, took pictures....good things :)

hopefully they got to see a little bit of why i LOVE this place so much!

p.s. i only have a week left! what the? when did that happen?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Traffic School

so....remember how I got a ticket?
well, in order to keep that blasted ticket from going on my record, I am taking Idaho's online traffic school.

oh joy.

it is rather boring and time consuming but...I have to do it. Anyway, this is a direct quote from my current favorite past time. (don't be fooled. it is NOT my favorite.)

"To show you the magnitude of the highway death rate, here is a comparison. During a 10-year period when the United States was in Vietnam, about
58,000 of our servicemen were killed there. During that same period, 546,497 persons were killed here in the United States by the automobile, averaging 54,000 fatalities per year."

isn't that crazy? that kind of blew my mind.
i'm a big fan of being involved in the world and world peace and all of that crapola but sometimes i feel like we are so worried about what goes on internationally that we don't pay attention to problems that are happening in our own country. but maybe that's just me.