Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YO!! i'm BACK!'s been a while... These are my sorry excuses for not blogging for the past...forever....:

1. I'm really crazy and soooo BUSY. But, it was all for a good cause. I spent the whole winter semester deciding between ceramics, advertising, and i worked extra hard. And
the winner is....drum roll please....advertising!!

B. I got a boyfriend. Surprising...i know. THIS guy.

III. I love love love LOVE my crazy roommates! So, anytime spent without them felt like time wasted! haha they are a blast!

Quatro. I was having lots of crazy adventures and such like: whooping everyone else's butts on my amazing bball team, going to lots of insane dance parties, playing donkey basketball, playing football outside in shorts as soon as it got over 40 degrees, watching my roommates date (haha), writing missionaries, strengthening my testimony, being surprised my mac's visit, driving to boise, learning that i'm not as chicken as i thought i was, learning, having really funny and awesome roommate chats at 2 in the morning, pulling all nighters, going to the temple every week, making pots, eating too much cookie dough, eating too much pizza, eating too much, visiting the Berg for my roommate's wedding and much much more!! :)

5. Now, it's summer!! and i'm LOVING it!!! I didn't realize how much i miss the vegas sun!
or these babies....

peace out.