Thursday, August 6, 2009

bears. beets. battlestar galactica.

my aunt sent me this in the mail.
she's TOTALLY awesome.

and i love it.
i don't care what anyone says....
it's hilarious!

i was pretty excited :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

summa time!!

well...because it is now august and i only have one month left until i go back to school (woot woot!!) i thought it would be good to do a little here's my summer in a very small nutshell...
  • lovin' on babies

I'm seriously going to miss my nephews so much...they grow up so fast and i don't want to miss it!

  • watching the first of my roommates to get married...who's next?

my money is on sarah (second to the left)...but who knows!!

  • playing with rachel

we do all kinds of weirdo stuff...but i love it!
  • lazing around...
doing who knows what...
lots of swimming...
but mainly nothing...

don't even try to act like you can resist that! i can't!!

  • st. george with mitch and rachel

totally random day trip but so fun! also my first real kite flying... :)

  • hanging out with the Boys

can't get enough of the boys...they make me laugh SO hard ALL the time!

  • california trip with rachel

we had sooooo much fun! it was the best trip evah! i'm very lucky to have such a good best friend :)

  • painting my hat rack

matt!! you rock! so hard!!! thank you again...a million times!
i love love LOVE it!

  • The Jeep

oh good times in the jeep...also very windy times...haha

  • trying to NOT buy shoes while working at DSW

uhh...if you know me at know that didn't work out too well...

  • reading everything i can of the best parts about summer...i get to read whatever i want! booyah!

pretty sure i did other stuff too...haha it's already been an awesome summer! i've loved every second of it! i plan of taking advantage of the rest of it....yes!!