Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boise Baby!!

so....last weekend....three of my bestest friends and roommates and I went to boise! It was so fun!!!
we went so my roommate, Liz, could take her family pictures. (I had tons of fun following them around and sort of being a second shooter)
THEN, we went boating with Liz's family!

first...i went wakeboarding! it took a lot of tries to get up but i finally did! i had like 40 seconds of fame.
it was awesome. once i got up i was just screaming out of excitement so much that i fell down! haha oh well!

then...i went wakesurfing! i was WAY more successful at this one and loved it! it was cool. everyone should wake surf. all the time.

(i realize there is a rope in my face...haha)

at last...the four of us went tubi
ng! holy googly moogly! i thought i was going to die a few times...haha but it was totally worth it :)

all while...loving life on the boat with my roommates...and Liz's awesome family! we danced and laughed and all that good stuff...

me and sarah
liz, kelle and me
i LOVE these girls!! :)

pretty much i put off everything to go on the trip and had to make up for the time this week but sometimes you just gotta live it up ya know?