Tuesday, June 8, 2010

san francisco

road trips are just the greatest.
this past weekend i got to go on the best road trip ever with some of my best friends ever :)
good times.
here's how the trip went...

we drove the 9 hours to get to san francisco.
it's a good thing those boys are so funny...cause the drive wasn't boring :)
we stayed with matt's aunt and uncle who were awesome!
the trip wouldn't have been nearly as successful if they hadn't helped so much.
plus they were hilarious and had adorable children.

we rode our bikes to the BART station
there was a bike mishap...and scott's bike needed a new tube thingy.
but, thanks to matt and jeff wheeling through san fran, they were able to fix the bike just before our ferry to sausilito.
the ferry was amazing.
i'm officially in love with san francisco.
then we biked to the golden gate bridge and across it...it was super foggy but still very cool :)
from there we rode our bikes around san francisco.
at this point we were lost...but i really didn't know because i was in the back...the whole time....being a wimpy girl.
but the boys were very nice and someone always stayed behind with me (usually scott...you're the best scottie)
i guess i did ok...considering i was trying to keep up with four very in shape boys.
anyways, we went to ghirardelli square first...to end a long bike ride with some chocolate ice cream.
all i wanted at that point was some water :)
then we went to fisherman's warf and pier 39.
the boys ate.
and i took pictures.
i wish i could have taken more pictures...but i was on a bike too much.
the whole city looks like a picture.
it was rather overwhelming how picturesque it was.
china town was the next destination.
it was just a whole lot of little chinese trinket stores of junk
so naturally trey bought more than anyone else :)
but it was really fun.
we ate dinner at a random place there...i had curry.
we were so dead.
so...we rode back to the bart. and then home.

overall we rode about 22 miles.
matt said 10 at first and i believed him :)
so 22 was a bit of a shocker.
haha no wonder we were tired!

it was a great day!

we started the day off right by going to the oakland temple.
it was beautiful.
the view from the temple is really amazing.
aren't they cute?
most of our morning was spent in the temple...but that was alright with me :)
then we took lots of crazy pictures where the boys push each other around and i just laugh
after eating at a chinese woman's burger place in oakland we headed to muir woods.
muir woods is great.
i love trees.
it was nice to be around so much nature...rather refreshing.
vegas is so barren.
while in muir woods we read a talk by elder winkel about redwoods and how they support each other with their root system. it was tender :)
then we had a picnic.
scott had an entire chicken in his bag!
but trey ate most of it.
then the picture madness ensued again.

after muir woods we called it a day.
but not until after getting ice cream (thanks to dan) and playing a thrilling game of killer bunnies.
killer bunnies always makes me pee my pants.
of laughter that is...


i loved every second of the trip! i am so lucky to be friends with such great boys :)
they make me laugh so hard!
all of them are amazing and will be the best missionaries!

yay for the adventures of the fabulous five!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

mi familia

one of the best parts about summer is that i get to play with my family lots :)

a couple weeks ago we went to a park and had tin foil dinners, played kickball and just had a blast.

i took a million pictures.

most of them are of these two boys...

but with faces like that...can you really blame me? :)

oh...and doxie was there too of course.

tomorrow is one of the other great parts about this summer.
san francisco.
fabulous five.

(the fabulous five includes myself, matt, trey, jeff and scott)