Saturday, November 1, 2008

i should definintely update this more often....haha

I'm already done with half of the semester!!! It's so crazy how fast time has been going! I'm so busy right now....i plan on working my butt off this week so i can have time on the weekend to play though (rachel time much? mmm....i'm excited.) My halloween was rather....non-traditional...haha. Our ward party was on monday so i threw together a sarah palin outfit for that (i have a couple pictures but i don't look like her at all in the looked better in real life) it was really fun. there were some hilarious costumes there. But yesterday, on actual halloween, a lot of people didn't want to get dressed up so we just ended up driving to shelley to go to Erica's, one of my roomies, house. we played and watched a scary movie and played some was actually pretty fun even though i totally forgot it was halloween until we got home and saw a ton of people in costumes...haha.

this is zane on has nothing to do with anything...i just think he looks realllly good in this picture....bahahaa. hopefully he never sees this....awkward! ha. and yes, he is wearing my hoodie. zane did in fact NOT go to centennial.

this was the group that went to shelley...the boy girl ratio isn't always that off...

zane, me, mac, and liz. mac and zane mauled my face at the last second...haha. they're hilarious.

Then today we went to our friend jason's football game (we actually go every week) and made was a blast and a half but they lost...big time. haha.

Mikelle, sarah, me, liz, erica (shalynn went home this weekend) and zane on the end...haha

go hawks! woot woot! we yell A LOT at the's fun! i like it. he is the QB so we're always like, "look at the butt on that quarterback!" haha (mikelle is dating him...FYI)
liz and i's football season is over :( i miss it. it was soooo much fun! and i'm a lot better at football now! ahhaha. luckily basketball lasts the whole semester so i'm excited about that!

we still have nice weather! yay!!!!

so pretty much since we are halfway through the semester i have to register for my classes. problem. i still don't know what i am doing with my life. why can't someone just tell me what to do? haha. just kidding....i'm glad that i can choose anything i is a good opportunity, i just don't know what i want! gay! so right now...i am a declared art major and history minor. the art part scares the crap out of me because i'm a bit UNDERqualified. so some of the other possibilities are:

communications major with an emphasis in friend stacey is doing that and loves would put me more into graphic design kind of stuff....could be fun but i have absolutely no experience in it which could cause troubles...

elementary education-my friend sharla (who is soooo funny and one of my favorites up here) is trying to talk me into this one... i honestly think i would like this i'm just so not good at...talking. which is sort of necessary.

history major...i could even have an emphasis in art history...but...i don't know.

political science? maybe....bleh.

home and family...i LOVE that kind of stuff but i soooo don't want to be all like "i'm going to college so i can be a mom." not cool.

university studies. not an option. i don't know why i even wrote that...typed that.

or i could keep my art major. so...any input would be awesome...ideas, opinions....anything.'s pretty frustrating. BUT i'm loving life despite that weighing on my mind all the time. i applied to be an efy counselor today...we'll see.

my roommates continue to be tons o' fun. i'm glad that i have them! i hang out with the girls two apartments down from me too...they are a hoot! i get along with them really well so i ALWAYS have someone to play with when i don't want to do my homework! haha.

uhhhh....i'm sure other stuff has happened i just can't think of it right now! i do miss home a lot....i want to come home at least for a weekend. i wish thanksgiving would come faster but that means my sister's wedding will come faster!! crazy!! anyways, i love you all and i miss you!