Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fine.....I'll blog.

haha.....ok so, i definetly already suck at the blogging thing...but that's because it's so time consuming...ok it's not that bad but still....meh, i'll do better when i have more to talk about right? :)

Anyway, on wednesday Rachel and I went on a baby road trip ( i say baby because it was only a day long....there's only so much a couple of teenagers can do these days...) so at first we were going to go to the Primm outlets until we remembered i'm only 18=i can't get a hotel room and oh yeah, both of us are BROKE. So, in order to use our gas cards we got from giving blood for something cooler than driving to the park...we decided to go to st. george! yay! Neither one of us have ever been to St. george (except me, in passing, with my mom, whitney and the babies) so we looked up places we wanted to go on the internet and then...left. It was waaay random but we had a lot of fun. We ate lunch at iceberg because rachel has no idea about anything in Utah. That took up a couple hours of our time because we were laughing so hard at everything that happened. For example, one of the kids working at the cash register was obviously a drama kid...seriously, quite the thespian. He was chatting away with us, singing songs on the radio, dancing....all kinds of things and he definetly wasn't trying to be funny at all but i was dying. it was great.

This is a picture of me by a picture of my favorite show...."do you poop out at parties?" ha.

Then we went to the temple but it was HOT outside so we didn't last long....we did take some pictures by the door know the whole "i'm going there someday" kinda thing.

My favorite part of the whole day was this book store we was sooo cool. it had all kinds of old one of the first Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice ever published. it was awesome. we were there for a long time because there was so much to look they had a ton of really old Nancy Drew books which i used to read all the time so i bought one. good stuff.

After that we went to the Tabernacle which was awesome. It had a lot of history in it and the whole time i just wished i had a better word to describe it than just "cool" because that doesn't seem to cover it. We sat in the bench at the podium where all of the prophets besides Joseph Smith have talked! it was crazy.

Then we just ran around for a little while taking pictures (many of which are really ridiculous...hhaha)

Peace pole?

There were plenty of statues but they were blazing hot so it hindered what we could do in our pictures.....ha.

This is Brigham Young's winter home...on our tour there was a non-member couple who were actually pretty interested in the church which made it a little more spiritual...

and we saw this phone booth....hahahha
we had a blast going into a ton of little antique shops and going to a dollar movie theater too! ( Why don't we have one of those in vegas? it's the best thing to ever happen to the movie industry...that's what i decided, long ago.)

Please look at the child in the background....haha. it's the best part.

So, thank you rachel for being an awesome friend and going with me! I'm glad we can be weird together and get along so well. :) and thank you mom for not freaking out that i was driving for two hours and letting me go! It was so much fun and a good last harrah before i go to college. with no car. :( and sorry if i complain about that too much. hahaha

P.S. I just found out that my roommates were all changed. which made me feel better because i was a little scared of the other ones....i'm not looking the new girls'll just be a surprise!