Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a VERY small mormon world that I live in...

ok ok pretty much tons of stuff happens all the time here and school and busy and crazy...that didn't make any sense but i think you get the idea...anyway, we went to my ward (BYU-I 18th woot woot!) on sunday and it was awesome. I have a really big, and pretty cool i went to a random sunday school class with the girls in my apartment and we picked the right one because a TON of pretty, pretty good looking guys came in...haha. Of course they did the whole "introduce yourself" stuff and after i said that i'm from vegas (yes, i'm actually claiming vegas even though i was only there two years...feel loved.) a guy who was sitting in front of me turned around and was like, "where do you live in las vegas?" so i told him jones and 215 but said that i was in the Lone Mountain and Tule Springs stakes and he said he served in both of them! so i got all excited and asked him if he served in the cheyenne ridge ward....he said yes...and then he asked me if i knew the NEWCOMBS!! ok, so, by this point i was totally flipping out because i pretty much already new what was coming. This random guy in my ward, was Christian Wood's companion when he served in our ward. If you don't know who that is, he is the missionary who came back to marry rachel newcomb AND my family new him from before he even served his mission because he lived in our stake in kentucky! what are the chances? it's so weird! that guy also ended up being in my world history class...random. oh yeah, there's another one! it isn't quite as crazy but i have met a lot of people from georgia who go here and there is a girl on my floor who lived there...i recognized the name of where it was but i don't even want to attempt the spelling...i asked her if she'd ever been to douglasville and told her that's where i'm from and she asked me if i knew ADAM DOAN! anyone who is isn't in my family doesn't know who that is but i went to primary with that kid! i went to his house tons of times growing up because they were in our ward's just weird. so... i guess that's what happens when you live in lots of places, eh? Classes are good...i actually really do like them a lot...i'm still getting used to the fact that we can refer to nephi killing laban in my book of mormon AND science class though...hahaha it's great. FHE was terrible! we only have one guy! huuuuuuu....i actually have really cute girls in my apartment too. so when we found out that our FHE family is just our apartment and one other guy (that happened because even though he has like 3 other guys he lives with they are either engaged or have a graveyard shift...awesome.) who happens to look waaayy over 30...we decided to go home and watch a movie as an apartment for girl bonding may sound mean but they were playing kickball and probably didn't even notice we left. oops. it was fun though. uhhh...what else? oh, turns out i ended up taking another beginning sewing class (my third time...) because i was brain dead when i signed up for classes but i talked to the teacher and she said i can do things a little differently than everyone else since i already know what i'm doing so that was good....
I almost forgot the most important part! i got a calling. Relief Society 2nd counselor. i have NO idea what i'm doing....ha. i also had to call two other girls to do the fact that i don't know anyone yet helped a lot. haha.
it's really pretty here...after living in vegas i forgot how much i love grass...the weather is so perfect and there's pretty trees and flowers...i'm outside as much as i can be....i love it.
this is super long....well i love and miss you all!

P.S. I wrote an essay about Gerald in my writing class the other day....bahahahahaha
P.P.S. i'll put up pictures of my apartment girls when i get some! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


ok so today....was my first day in rexyburg...well my mom and sister are still here so i'm not officially on my own but I'm in my apartment right now and i feel soooo weird. haha it kind of seems like efy or something but there isn't anyone to tell you what to do every second of the day. anyway, we got here and i was TOTALLY nervous like as soon as we got to the rexburg exit i was pretty much just screaming a lot...which i guess isn't too far from the norm but we got to my apartment and no one was here but there was stuff on every bed but one so obviously it was mine but the other girl in my room had the cutest stuff honestly looked like i had decorated it. for reals. there's daisy and polka dots and so then i got kind of excited because i was like oh good, maybe she's cool...and then i noticed that she had a basketball and i got sooo excited because that means we will get along and that way i have someone else to play with which is AWESOME!! so we started carrying in my stuff and my roommate showed up and she is way cute and we have a ton of stuff in common and she is a freshman too so neither one of us knows what the crap we're's awesome. so pretty much i'm really excited. i still have a lot to do as far as getting my school crap done and ready but that's fine. it is kind of funny though because i really didn't bring anything to decorate with because i didn't know what to expect but i just have random stuff that looks like it's from DI (because it pretty much is) so her side of the room is absolutely perfect and cute and mine looks like i live in a thrift store that likes polka dots....hahaha. good stuff. i haven't really met the other girls in the apartment yet...we'll see how that goes...i also haven't seen marie ireland or garrett hair yet...ha. i guess i can't marry him if i never hang out with him right? so maybe we should keep it that way...just kidding! anyway....i'm really glad my sister is here though because she knows where i have to go for everything. i'm ready for school to start so i'll have something to do.... :) i love you all!