Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's getting colder.....uh oh

Fact. It's supposed to snow this weekend.
Fact. I'm so NOT ready for winter. haha.

Anyway, this monday was my birthday and it was a blast and a half! Honestly, before coming...I was kind of being a bum like, meh, my birthday is going to blow because I won't even have friends yet...blah blah blah. But, it sooo wasn't like that. I actually got presents too! :) haha. I got two coloring books (i do a lot of coloring these days), Kanye West glasses (kind of an inside joke with my roomie sarah, or anyone who has seen mitchell davis), candy, food, a princess crown, a basket of cookie ingredients from Liz's grandma and...oh yeah, haha, tennis shoes from my mommy and daddy. yay! We went to Idaho Falls to go shopping and out to dinner...then we went to the sand dunes so i could have the "star party" i have to have for my science class. So, we got there and it was cold and the sand was all wet from rain (on friday when i went with Liz, Kelsey, Mac and Zane, the sand was perfect and we could jump off the cliffs of sand and it's wayyyyy funnnnn. haha) Anyway, pretty much Sarah and I were the only ones who did have some kind of boy to be all snuggly with so we were like whatever! and went treking through the desert/sand dunes. It was awesome. There is one really huge hill that we decided to climb up and then we rolled down it...hahahha it was so ridiculous. i thought i was going to die a couple times and i had sand EVERYWHERE like, worse than the beach because you have more clothes on. ha. The best part though was when Sarah and I would get to the top of the sand dune we would sit there and sing songs as loud as we possibly could...and we can get pretty loud! If you know anything about me, you know i love to scream...sarah does too so it works out. At one point we even screamed the Barney song, popcorn popping, and 99 bottles of beer on the wall. hahahha we are so funny. It was really fun though. I had soooo many people call me and text me and leave me messages on my birthday! I'm so grateful for all of the amazing friends and family that i have!

I had a birthday cake that liz made me...but no one had a lighter so i had to pretend to blow out the candles! it was actually rather funny....and i don't have a single picture from my bday because the sand dunes killed my camera... :/ don't tell my dad. oops.

Conference was so flippin good! I thoroughly enjoyed it this year and i look forward to the ensign. :)

uhhh....i'm trying to think of what else has been going on...liz gets ALL the boys. seriously, there is no hope of me ever going on another date when she's around (david doesn't count because he hasn't met liz yet. hahhaa) Don't get me wrong, i am so unbelievably happy that liz is my roommate. she is so much fun and i love her. oh! and liz and i are playing flag football and basketball with our ward's fun! i love it.
Aren't we cute?
I suppose that's all for now...