Monday, May 10, 2010

time flies...

i'm always amazed at how quickly time can slip away...

since my last bloggy i had easter, finals (don't worry. i aced them), a long trip home, and i've started an amazing summer.

first things first.
easter this year was spent in rexburg. so my rexburg family and i decided we would make a big party out of it. we had make-shift easter baskets (mine was my rainboot) and drew names to be the easter bunny. liz and i woke up super early a
nd secretly hid tons and tons of eggs in our apartment so when everyone woke up it was like the easter bunny really came! it was so great :) plus, it was conference! it doesn't get any better than that.
we also dyed eggs
had another easter egg hunt
ate lots of candy
made scones
listened to the prophet
had a sleepover
talked about boys (duh.)
made a big easter dinner
and just loved having time together.

(notice that liz's basket was a box of captain crunch. hahaha so good.)

it was the best easter EVER!

then i spent two nights in provo on my way home...i was in no hurry. besides, i got to see jeff and matt and stay with my most favorite cousin. good times.

now, i am home. luckily...i love home :)

p.s. i also updated my other can check it out if you wanna. or not. whateve.