Monday, January 31, 2011

you know how i like videos!

so watch this one, alright?

my good friend zach posted in on his blog.

i think it's funny :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

seven weeks

that's what is left.

CRAZY much?!
honestly...i haven't been counting. but my dad has. not really sure what to make of that...

either way, i am home.
would you like to know what i have been up to?
i'll pretend you say yes.

obviously, i'm always taking lots of pictures. go to my photo bloggy and see what's up

i hang out with my best friend
this is great because i love me some casey-rachel time
we do things like take pictures and have slumber parties
good times.

i go to mission prep
trying my best to prepare. it is quite the task

i read my scriptures

i play with my family and love them lots
i'm going to miss my family like crazy!

ward hopping, of course

writing tons of missionaries

work. work. work.
DSW and tutoring (the usual)

i'm currently planning a trip to rexburg in 2 weeks
and i'm SO excited!

also planning my annual Valentine's Day bash!
but this time it will just be family.
tender :)

but most of all...i'm just happy and loving my life

Friday, January 21, 2011

lost and found

Once upon a time, I lived in apartment 313 with some of the best girls I've ever met. Last night I just stumbled upon some videos that we made a year ago. They are so funny to me!! They make me laugh super hard. I miss my roommates. College is such a PARTY and I love it!
I could only upload one of them cause the others are too big. But I love this girl, lauren miner. She is so great! And always makes me laugh so hard :)

I miss being up at school. But I'm happy to say that I get to visit Rexyburg next month. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Perfect!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new era

i love being home.
i love that vegas feels like home.
i love vegas weather.
i love being with rachel.
i love my family.
i love no homework.

but...sometimes things just aren't the same without this:
i miss it

it's a good thing that missions are the reason we aren't all together.
cause otherwise i'd be livid :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

new year's

("he made the sacrifice so that we can look forward")

is it 2011?
that's weird.

should i be doing my year in review like everyone else? maybe i'm a bad blogger.
i really did have an extra extra amazing year in 2010.

i dyed my hair black.
visited provo.
made a snowman with Lauren and Levi.
took a semesters worth of fun classes.
attempted positive week and failed.
threw a bumpin valentine's day party.
got a visit from trey, jeff and matt.
had easter with my roommates.
ate caramel caribou.
spent my very last semester living with liz.
shunned chris correll.
visited provo again.
played at the park.
went to san fran.
got my beta fish murphy.
loved The Boys.
went camping.
played ultimate frisbee.
played rugby...sort of.
pretended to be elaine.
giddy up.
watched four of my cousins get married.
watched my favorite cousin get married in the temple.
watched one of my roommates get married.
rode on the porter park carousel.
went to st george.
wrote missionaries.
took tons and tons of pictures.
stayed at a cabin with my friends.
said goodbye to five of my favorite boys.
put in my mission papers.
got straight a's.
started advertising.
worked for the Scroll.
went to conference.
turned 21.
got a new nephew on my birthday.
both of my sisters got pregnant.
tutored a lot.
went to mesa falls.
took interpersonal communications and loved it.
loved rexburg.
sold some shoes.
bought some shoes.

got called to spain.
went through the temple.
killed my beta fish murphy.
had the best fhe group of all time.
witnessed the dedication of the BYU-Idaho Center.
had the traditional ross family puppet show.
danced at the last group dance party of my life.
tried to sell my contract.

...but now it's 2011 and i'm mainly concerned with being on a mission. i hope i do a good job.

happy new year!