Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Egg Flowers

I get so excited about holidays! And I love Easter!
It ushers in good weather and beautiful blooms!
This is my latest Easter craft. I got the idea from a cute blog that I follow. It is so easy and adds some fun and a pop of color to the table.

If you have a ceramic egg holder, you can use that and I'm sure it would look lovely! I don't have one (and don't want to buy one) so I just used a regular old egg carton! I happened to have one of the bulk egg cartons. I cut the egg carton up so it would fit a dozen eggs and then I spray painted it with some paint I had leftover from another project.

Then while the paint is drying, you can find an excuse to make a bunch of eggs! :) Just make sure that when you crack the egg you only leave the top open. Rinse out the shell and remove the plastic membrane stuff.
Add water inside and arrange flowers in each egg. I chose peonies but you can use any flower you like!

This made a fun addition to our little kitchen. Love it!

Happy Spring everyone!!!

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