Sunday, April 6, 2014


Since last time I posted…. A LOT has happened!

Matt and I got married

( i had to make that is kind of a big deal!)

we went on an awesome honeymoon to cabo san lucas

we quit our summer jobs and moved to rexburg

we lived in a hotel

our first apartment was previously a hotel...which means what you see in this picture, was basically our whole apartment. we "joked" that our first 5 months of marriage were spent in a hotel

we camped in Yellowstone

this was one of Matt's requirements for living in Idaho!
Matt was in heaven seeing the animals and i was loving taking photos

we went on a Ross family trip to Tampa
i of course can't get enough of my little sobrinos!!! this is Parker...looking confused if these alligators should be fun or scary :)

Matt fished a lot
this was definitely Matt's favorite part about our few months in Rexburg.
sorry about the closed's a struggle!

I was Area Director for Life Skills
Life Skills is part of BYU-Idaho's activities department
This photo is from our wilderness survival workshop!

I graduated
(also a big deal)

I got braces
 We'll all just pretend that I pull this off nicely.

After our adventures in Rexburg we spent Christmas in Las Vegas and then moved back to Utah.

Now, we are living in Orem and loving having our own place that has an oven AND more than one room! What a luxury :)
We are close to family and friends and totally loving being here!

It's nice to be settled somewhere after so many years of feeling transient. We will be here while Matt is finishing school and I am working.

So that's the summary!

We are loving married life!

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